Friday, February 5, 2010

62 Falcon Update #3

Finally got all the spot welds drilled out for the suspension mounts. Man thats ugly!

Cleaned up the rails for the addition of a curved piece of 2.5x1.5 3/16ths box tubing. This will give the wimpy rails some much needed strength.

Cutting the square tube to conform to the factory rail. this will be welded and ground smooth before it is then clamped to the factory rails.

Welding the square tube on. I also filled the spot weld marks

Cleaning up the filled spot welds...

Rail support all welded in place...

Front and rear spring hangers welded in place....

Finally! On the wheels!

The front wheels will NOT stay red, I will most likely just paint them black or white. They are only temporary till some spindle mounts magically show up on my doorstep. The gross tires will go away in the next couple days as well, and be replaced with a set of Hurst Super Cushions.

The front of the car will drop an inch or two when the powerplant gets dropped in. Oh ya!