Sunday, January 31, 2010

Update #2 62 falcon Futura Gasser "Strange Bird"

Some neato parts showed up on my doorstep.....

I canned the econoline axle and purchased a new tube axle with no drop.

An awesome pair of 30x10x15 HURST slicks. I love me some piecrust!

They stick out the perfect amount out back. mmmmm.

I scored a full set of 15x8.5 Shelby Cal 500 Slots on CL for a good deal. Anybody looking for a pair?

I'm looking for a set of front 15x4's to match. In a perfect world it would have some american mag spindle mounts, but unless I trip over some at a garage sale or something, it's not likely. I have a pair of ford steelies that will work for now. The front will have Hurst super cushions.

Got the shock towers cut away....still a bit of trimming left to do.

Trim all pulled off....

More to come.......